Electronic Devices & Circuits LAB

NRI 070

This laboratory is established with an aim to develop the fundamentals related to building blocks of analog electronic circuits. Experiments carried out include the design of basic circuits like Rectifiers, Amplifiers, Oscillators and their applications etc. The laboratory is equipped with Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Regulated Power Supplies, Function Generators and many other electronic components based trainer kits.

Engineering Physics LAB

Engineering physics laboratory at NRITech is well equipped with all sophisticated, modern & advanced instruments for conducting lab experiments in various important areas of physics like Optics, Lasers, Fiber Optics, Sound, Mechanics, Basic Electronics, Electricity and Magnetism. All the experiments have been planned in cycles so that the student can perform experiments independently

NRI 042

Engineering Chemistry LAB

NRI 137

The Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with various instruments other than the usual glasswares & chemicals as per JNTUH syllabus. Each working table in the laboratory is well furnished with reagent racks & well connected with water supply & Burners

English Language Communications Skills LAB

The main purpose of this LAB is to help enrich the communication skills of the students to face the . K-Van Solutions software and Globerena Softwares are available in this LAB. These labs train the students in Language Skills, Soft Skills, Inter Personal Skills, Decision Making, Business Communication, Pre-Placement Training, Corporate Readiness, TOEFL etc.

NRI 177

Engineering Workshop


Engineering Workshop is common for all the first year students so that they get well trained in some of the foundations of engineering. The practices in the engineering workshop include the civil engineering & mechanical engineering practices. The Civil engineering practice contains the carpentry and plumbing work which they saw in their day to day […]

Metallurgy & Mechanics of Solids Lab

The objective of the strength of materials lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments. In this lab the experiments are performed to measure the properties of the materials such as impact strength, tensile strength, […]


Mechanics of Fluids and Hydraulic Machinery Lab


The purpose of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery laboratory is to reinforce and enhance understanding of the fundamentals of Fluid mechanics and Hydraulic machines. The experiments here are designed to demonstrate the applications of the basic fluid mechanics principles and to provide a more intuitive and physical understanding of the theory. The main objective is […]

Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Lab

The CAD laboratory is one of the key instructional labs in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. It mainly supports undergraduate CAD and design courses. It also supports student projects of professional societies and supports faculty and graduate student research.

NRI 163

Heat Transfer Lab


The laboratory specializes in obtaining practical solutions for applied and industrial heat transfer problems related to device development. Solution methodologies encompass benchtop experiments, simplified analytical models, and finite-element numerical simulations.

Production Technology LAB

The lab is created with a view to familiarizing with the basic and new trends in manufacturing process. Lathes, shapers, horizontal and vertical milling machines, grinding machines, welding machines etc. are the machinery used here.

NRI 065 bro